In response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency in Alberta, the Métis Nation of Alberta Region 6 has implemented an Emergency Financial Assistance Program for MNA citizens who are resident within Region 6 that require financial support as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications may be submitted now, however, Period 2 for this program will be open from May 1, 2020 - May 30, 2020 and is subject to availability of funds to MNA Region 6 and demand from MNA citizens.

Please note: You must reside within MNA Region 6 to qualify for this program. Click here to see a: MAP

Program Details (Pending Availability of Funds to MNA Region 6):

1.) Eligible applicants will receive a single payment of up to $300 per household to assist with:

     a.) Rent or Mortgage Payment(s) (to assist citizens who are struggling to pay a mortgage or rent payment during this time)

     b.) Harvesting Support / Food Security (to assist citizens who wish to exercise their harvesting rights to support their families needs during this time)

     c.) Utility Payments (to assist citizens who are unable to pay for necessary utility payments during this time)

     d.) Day to Day Necessities (to assist citizens who are struggling to purchase things like groceries, medicines, clothing, etc.

     e.) Other financial needs as indicated by citizens

2.) Payment(s) will be made to eligible applicants by cheque through regular mail to limit interactions and ensure social distancing.

3.) All citizens of the MNA resident within Region 6 are eligible for the program; however only one application per household may be submitted per Application Period.

4.) The initial Application Period will run from April 1-30, 2020. 

5.) MNA Region 6 knows this is a very uncertain time and that circumstances with respect to this pandemic are changing daily. Additional Application Periods may be offered based on need and availability of funds. 

Need Help?

MNA citizens who are resident within Region 6, but do not have access to a computer, the internet, or who require additional support to complete their application may contact our office at (780) 624-4219 or Tricia Frank (780) 618-8054 to complete their application by telephone. 

**Please Note: This program will continue to operate as long as funding remains in place. Region 6 reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time due to funding changes or shortfalls.




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